teenager therapy

Areas of Specialism

  • I have a particular interest in and long experience of working with teenagers, including those who have high-functioning autistic conditions.
  • I am willing and able to work with clients for whom faith in God or matters of the soul and spirit are important.
  • I do not work with families at present though I am happy to include relationship work in my therapy with couples.
  • I am not qualified to work with those suffering from eating disorders or with severe mental illnesses.


A very common cause of distress and can result from a range of causes. It includes Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety, Health Anxiety and Panic Attacks. Hugely undermining of health and well-being.


Sometimes confused with anxiety and the two can certainly overlap. Whilst a degree of stress is useful and, indeed, essential at times, if stress becomes chronic, it can wreck peace of mind and impact negatively on physical health.

Low Mood & Depression

Increasingly common and very debilitating. Symptoms include loss of motivation, apathy, hopelessness, sadness, fatigue, sleep issues and sometimes self-harm and suicidal thoughts.


A very distressing condition which includes intrusive and distressing thoughts and a range of behaviours which become utterly compulsive and highly disruptive.

Self Esteem Issues

Can be extremely undermining of wellbeing and happiness and impact on general confidence, performance at work or school, formation and maintenance of relationships.

Anger Issues

Whilst anger is a core emotion and therefore inevitable at times, if not managed well it can become toxic to ourselves and dangerous to others, damaging relationships and causing long-lasting harm.


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Friendship issues and Bullying

Good relationships are vital to our well-being so difficulties in this area can be very undermining and distressing. Bullying can have a long-term impact on our confidence, our self-esteem and our mental health.


A very inhibiting problem which can significantly reduce well-being and joy and
create problems in work and social life. A phobia can relate to absolutely anything, not just well-known triggers such as spiders or snakes!

Procrastination and Low Motivation​

A surprisingly common and highly frustrating issue, sometimes related to
depression but certainly not always. Can result in low achievement, issues with
self-esteem and difficulties at work and school.


The use of any behaviour or substance to the extent that it is harmful to us but we still continue. Can start seemingly fairly harmless but can grow until it is a huge source of difficulty and can be life-threatening.

Sleep Issues

Chronic lack of sleep is deeply debilitating and can lead to dependency onsleeping tablets. Can be tackled effectively through counselling and sleep hygiene/management strategies.

Personal Development

You don’t have to have an ‘issue’ to benefit from therapy! In personal development work, the aim is to learn more about yourself and the way you relate to others and the world, and to consider ways that you may want to change or develop. 

It can be challenging – you may discover things you are surprised or shocked by. It can also be a lot of fun!

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