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Professionally trained and BACP accredited therapist working in Warwick. 17 years experience in counselling and therapy. Qualified to help with a range of mental and emotional issues. Meg works with adult, teenagers and couples.

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Low Mood & Depression

Increasingly common and very debilitating. Symptoms include loss of motivation, apathy, hopelessness, sadness, fatigue, sleep issues and sometimes self-harm and suicidal thoughts.


A very common cause of distress and can result from a range of causes. It includes Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety, Health Anxiety and Panic Attacks. Hugely undermining of health and well-being.


Sometimes confused with anxiety and the two can certainly overlap. Whilst a degree of stress is useful and, indeed, essential at times, if stress becomes chronic, it can wreck peace of mind and impact negatively on physical health.


A very distressing condition which includes intrusive and distressing thoughts and a range of behaviours which become utterly compulsive and highly disruptive.

Self-esteem Issues

Can be extremely undermining of wellbeing and happiness and impact on general confidence, performance at work or school, formation and maintenance of relationships.

Anger Issues

Whilst anger is a core emotion and therefore inevitable at times, if not managed well it can become toxic to ourselves and dangerous to others, damaging relationships and causing long-lasting harm.

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